Welcome to deadregina.ca

This is the official site for the band and intermedia art collective TOPICS. Here you will find the audio and visual output of Lauren Fournier and Evan Tyler. As artists born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and currently living and working in between Regina and Toronto, they find their interests converge around a constellation of themes: from nineties nostalgia and gender performativity to generalized anxiety and conceptions of home, the artists bring a sense of humor to complicated subjects. Fournier and Tyler embrace a zodiac of creative acts including music, image, objects, video, writing and installation. TOPICS live with anxiety and use the creative act to mediate, process and transform anxiety and non-exotic nostalgia into creative output.

If you would like to have TOPICS address a topic of your own, please name your topic and how that topic has affected you personally. Your information will always be kept confidential, but a media-based expression of that topic will likely occur. 

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